Sunday, June 27, 2010

Protected by the Secret Service

So....When I'm not being an artist, my job is Development Coordinator at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. One of the things I do in that position is coordinate events. I have spent the last few weeks preparing for the dedication of the human anatomy lab - now officially known as the "Leonard M. Napolitano Anatomical Education Center". Dr. Napolitano was the former Dean of the Medical School and his daughter is, of course, Madame Secretary Janet - in charge of homeland security. She attended the event and we were surrounded by Secret Service and Police. It was all quite exciting. One of the agents saw that I was working hard and gave me this medallion. I thought it was pretty cool. I guess I was in one of the most secure places I could be in last Friday. But now the Secret Service have departed and I just have to trust my own instincts to keep me out of danger!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It didn't last long!!

So take a look at my last lovely new art studio, and compare after a little more than a week of working in it. The table has already exploded!! But notice if you will the wooden plaque I bought last week (on sale...66% off!!). I may be messy, but at least I'm following my heart. And my heart says "DO ART". I've never heard it say "CLEAN THIS UP". So I'm basically just doing what I'm told. Can't blame a girl for following her heart. (However, my mom is coming to visit in three weeks, and a little voice inside me is yelling "CLEAN. CLEAN. CLEAN.". I think as long as she doesn't open any closets I'll be ok.