Sunday, November 29, 2015

Upcoming workshop and continuing surprise

The exciting news that I promised is that I am working with some fellow artists to open a teaching studio and small gallery..............hopefully. We have been trying to find just the right space at just the right price in just the right location. Hasn't been an easy task, but I think we might be close, so you'll have to stay tuned just a little while longer.

In the meantime, after having my position cut at the university due to budget issues last June, I have found a new job - back the the university working with the School of Medicine and its wonderful students! I am thrilled to be working with "the kids" again and my new colleagues are awesome.

And more good news.............I am organizing on the workshop schedule for next year's classes in Albuquerque. So far I have Kathleen Dustin coming in June teaching "Integrated Earrings" and "Hollow Beads"...........

In September, Lisa Renner will be teaching "About Face"

and I am also working with Carol Simmons & Maureen Carlson co-teaching "Floral Dreamscapes" and Julie Picarello, Jane Spakowsky and Sunny Carvalho.

So keep staying tuned!!