Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a Snow Day produced

Inside view of the box made to hold the Piano Hinge book.
Piano Hinge book lying open.
Piano Hinge book standing on its edge.
Piano Hinge book inside its box. The box is completely made from "scratch". Sections were cut by hand from a large piece of board and then covered with decorative paper and beads.

Here is the story of where it came from...........
We awoke today to black ice roads, freezing temperatures, snow and howling winds. The University of New Mexico (where I work) cancelled classes and announced a "snow day". I thought carefully about what I should spend this unexpected "free" day doing. Clean? Cook? Iron? Make Art? So I made ART!! (what a silly choice of options, right?)
I am a relatively new member of the Libros bookmaking group, recently joined their study group and attended my first workshop last Saturday. Amy showed us how to make a Piano Hinge book complete with a handmade decorative box to hold it.
I listened carefully during the workshop and brought home a mostly finished book, but no box. So with my gift of time today I took apart my book and reconstructed it (because I wasn't happy with how it looked) and made the decorative box to hold it. It pretty much took the whole day, but I am quite pleased with how it turned out.
And it is still snowing..........