Monday, March 26, 2012

To Artfest I shall go!!!

Tomorrow morning I fly to Seattle, meet up with my friend Ilene (who drives a rental van like nobody's business!!), take the ferry across the water (I love the ferry) and drive to Port Townsend.

A few of us friends are meeting up and we'll have about 24 hours to discover the artsy town, do some shopping, eat some delicious food, stay up too late, laugh, giggle and enjoy each other's company as we become over excited about the start of Artfest on Wednesday evening.

Artfest......the most wonderful art adventure a person could ever have. We stay at Fort Worden (where An Officer & A Gentleman was filmed) and HUNDREDS of artists (over 500....can you believe?) soak in the creative magic of taking classes and hanging out together. There is nothing better. This will be my fourth year, and alas my last year as Teesha Moore has decided not to organize any more Artfests and find a different direction for her fabulous creative talents.

So we are all excited about the coming week but I know there will be LOTS of tears as we say goodby to each other on Sunday. I've made some fabulous friends over the years, and so it is with bittersweet anticipation that I set off on my last Artfest adventure.