Friday, March 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Every year we make them.....well, I do anyway. I don't know why I do because resolutaions are destined to fail and I hate failing. I said I would post every week, and golly, gee, gosh, darn.....can it REALLY be a whole month since I posted?

Oh dear, here come the feelings of guilt....... I resolved to post every week and now I've let everyone down. That makes me laugh - I mean, it's not as if a million people are waiting for my next post with baited breath. Guess I've let myself down. But NO.....WAIT....I also resolved to NOT be so hard on myself. So it's a Catch 22 and something I will never resolve.

Who made up the idea of resolutions anyway, and why can't they start on 4th?