Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So many things to do.....so little time

Another two weeks has passed and I've been a busy little bee (well, ok, a busy big bee). I am still on a high from Kate Church's workshop that I attended in Dallas, and this past weekend I organized, and attended, a polymer workshop with polymer clay artist Barb Fajardo. We had tons of fun and I made some cool beads as you can see by the photo. (well, I am assuming you also think they are cool, but it's ok if you think they are hot!!)

I also decided to get started with my challenge to myself of more exercise so I've signed up for Nia, Salsa Aerobics and Zumba classes. So far I am loving them and it's nice to be moving again instead of just coming home after work to make art. Of course I'm still coming home to make art, but I know I need the exercise, so I dance around and think about art while I'm kicking up my heels!!

I am working on lots of art actually.....just mailed in my chunky book pages for a project with the Art Unravaled group. Working on a Valentine challenge with my local LIBROS Book Guild, writing a lesson plan for my journaling group about stencils, getting ready to make ATCs and Fatbook pages for Artfest in March, thinking about my Art House project, and I have organized an Artfest charm swap and the charms have started arriving!! Did I hear someone say "don't look now, but Annie is addicted to making art"? I guess of all the addictions out there, mine is at least good for me (except for those nights where I can't sleep because I've got an idea for another project!!)

Gotta go......I hear my paints calling me.

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  1. I sure am looking forward to seeing those charms! Oh, and YOU!