Sunday, June 3, 2012

Everything changes - trying to keep up!!

Another two + months have passed with no blogging by yours truly. I've already written about trying not to make excuses, so I won't go there, but.........oh, never mind.

I got online today to blog a bit and everything had changed. I broke my Blackberry so I joined the Apple craze and got an iPhone. I took it home to play with it and everything had changed. We got the new WORD and everything had changed.

Sometimes (actually more and more often) I long to own a little cabin in the woods near a lake with no computer, no flashing billboards, no meth houses in the neighborhood.......just peace and quiet and time to meditate, do some yoga and work in my studio.

I suppose that isn't absolutely realistic because I need the awesome contact with all my artist friends and I do love the movies and the theater. I'm so excited because my favorite musical, Les Miserables (which I have already seen five times) opens here next week and I have tickets for Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!! Yeah, I'm a little crazy about it.

And it will make me think about France and my dream-coming-true of going to La Cascade for Dayle Doroshow's workshop next year!! I am working very hard toward that goal. Found out that I have enough frequent flyer miles to fly to Paris for FREE, so now I just have to work at selling more art to fund my trip. In three weeks I'll be at the New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair and hoping to do well.

So I must dash for now..............I have things to create.

In the meantime I'll leave you with a photo of what I'll be seeing next July in France.......fields and fields of them!!

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  1. wow, sounds like a great trip! Just found your blog for the first time from your trade at Art Fest. After I pulled out the paper and read it (at home) I realized I was supposed to put some sand in the tube to remember my trip by! Guess I'll just have to go back! oh and I read a few of your other posts- I go to Zumba twice a week and love it!