Sunday, September 30, 2012

Living Without Guilt (as much as possible)!!

I hereby confirm that I will stop giving excuses as to why my posts are so infrequent. That is really boring to read. And if you are reading this I hope it makes you happy that you no longer have to listen to my sad stories of never having enough time to do the things I want to do.

I really DO wish there were more "me" hours in the day, but it IS my choice to fill my "spare" time (as opposed to "work" time) with the things that bring me the most pleasure so I shall instead tell you about some of the things that are currently making me happy. And I must mention that I am so very fortunate to have an unbelievably supportive husband (Ed) who does all the daily tasks (grocery shopping, cooking, vaccuuming, etc.) that allow me to do the fun things that keep me happy.

I hear you asking.....what are those fun things you do?

1) I entered several pieces of my artwork in the New Mexico State Fair this month and came home with six first place blue ribbons (three dolls, two hand made books and a polymer clay necklace), three second place red ribbons (two books and a 3-D wall hanging), and a Best of Show gorgeous purple ribbon for another hand made book. I was thrilled beyond words.

2) I am working on more pieces of art for a November show that I have been juried into. It is called "Una Vida" and you can see info about the show at

3) I am working on an Inspirational Card Deck to participate in a swap organized by Jessica Brogan. You can get information at

4) I spent a glorious day yesterday with my bestest Albuquerque friend, Cynde shopping for art supplies and books (because neither of us have enough of those things, right?) I wish all of my bestest friends could have come along with Bestest Pam from North Dakota, and Bestest Jane from Florida and Bestest Maureen from Australia, and Bestest Claire from Switzerland, and.......oh heck, why do we all have to live so far apart?? I am so blessed to have wonderful friends from all over the globe and I thank the internet gods for allowing me to stay in touch with them all, even if it is from a distance.

5) I contacted Madison Steiner who runs a fabulous program called Peach's Neet Feet. Please read about it at her website Peach's Neet Feet (PNF) is a grassroots custom shoe donation project. She organizes artists to paint shoes for children battling cancer, serious illness, and lifelong disabilities. I am excited to get my first pair of shoes to paint.

6) Ed and I are going to Australia in November for two weeks of R&R and he will be teaching at a clogging event there, too. It will be in the same venue where he proposed to me 10 years ago to the day!! So I am making lists of what to take and what to do before I go to get the house ready for the two medical students who will be housesitting and taking care of our animals.

7) I sent off my second deposit for the art retreat next year in Dufort, France with Dayle Doroshow. I've also been surfing to find a place to stay when Ed comes over to join me for a week in Paris. Won't that be a wonderful adventure? We will also be able to see the Tour de France live and in person!

So that is just a few of the things I'm doing these days, and the reason I'd really like more hours in the day and days in the week......because believe it or not, there is still much more I'd like to do!!!

hugs to all


  1. Really enjoyed reading this update. You are so very talented. You inspire me. Take care

  2. Hi Annie, I got one of your cards in the Inspirational Card Deck Swap, it's lovely, thank you so much.
    Wishing you infinate creativity
    Love Sharon x