Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I can't always remember everything.................

........no matter how wonderful and fun and exciting and fabulous it was.

I was reading back through my blog (that I FINALLY was able to update) and I realized that I totally forgot to mention that I brought the talented Laurie Mika to Albuquerque in February to teach her Gothic Triptych workshop. What a wonderful weekend we all had making works of art.
I haven't quite finished my piece yet, but so far I am thrilled how it is turning out!

Two weekends ago we drove up to Crested Butte to visit my daughter Jennie, her husband Tim and my gorgeous, adorable, perfect grand daughter Josephine!! She loves her Grannie Annie!!
Then last weekend we flew to Chicago to celebrate the 90th birthday of my remarkable Uncle John. A devoted family man, an inspiring (now retired) coach and an all around great man. I also got to hang out with his three daughters Becky, Mary and Nancy - my cousins that I had not seen in almost THIRTY years!! My mom and two of my brothers, Tom and Tim (and two of his daughters) also were able to attend.

Next month we will be welcoming two new furry babies into our home. Meet Koko and Pearl, our new Burmese kittens. Our beloved Burmese, Muffin, passed away exactly one year ago and we decided it was time to welcome some new kitties into our lives. We are very excited!!

 Thanks for stopping by. Lots of exciting things coming up in the near future. Please come back again and I'll share some more with you!!

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