Friday, April 29, 2011

1892 - Who are these people?

Last year I signed up for Mary Ann Moss' online workshop entitled "Remains of the Day". Check out some of the photos on her blog.... The workshop teaches you how to make fabulous journals, and although I have yet to finish mine, the yahoo group associated with the workshop is fantastic and I've done some swaps with the participants. I highly recommend you sign is well worth your hard earned $$.

Anyway.....Mary Ann has hinted that she is coming out with a new class in June and that in preparation for it, we should purchase a vintage photo album. Knowing how great Mary Ann's classes are, those of us who "know" her are ready to click on the PayPal button and buy it as soon as it becomes available.....sight unseen....that's how wonderful her workshops are!

So last week I watched the auctions on eBay and I purchased one. It came today and I am blown away by the wonderful piece of history I purchased for only $21. It dates back to the late 1800's and came with many, many picture plates of people from the past, posed for all eternity. There aren't many names written anywhere in the book, so I am left to wonder who these people were and why the album now belongs to me and wasn't handed down to their ancestors. It is a treasure and I am so happy to now be the keeper of these beautiful portraits from the past.


  1. I am super excited about this class too. I hate to say it but I have purchased more than one of them and just love looking through all the auctions, etc. I found a beautiful one for $1 at a friend's estate sale last year........who knew then that I would be using it in a Mary Ann class.

  2. Annie, I'm pretty sure the reason no one passed this gorgeous album downline was because they had their family reunion on the Titanic. It could be.

    You got a GREAT find! It is beautiful inside and out. I just bought a 1924 ledger online for just 99cents! No pictures, but a very good find for using in my books.

  3. Wow you got a great deal! Your album looks beautiful! I'm looking forward to Mary Ann's class too!

  4. Oh, very exciting, Annie. I took Mary Ann's ROD myself and I love her processes.