Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh Happy Daze's been a long time since my last post. SO MUCH has happened.
Had my knee surgery.....still recovering.
Got a new job.........still learning.
My rose garden bloomed........still pulling weeds.
Lost my wonderful stepdad to pancreatic cancer......still mourning.
The gallery is doing well.......still working on new pieces.
Not doing much housework........still collecting dust (and the collection grows daily).
But I'm still growing....spiritually and artistically. My brain is so full of ideas and things I want to do. Why do I need 8 hours sleep a day. I'd rather be doing things!!
Have you all signed up for yet? Well, do not hesitate. You'll receive "Notes from the Universe" and they will make your day. I attended a workshop entitled "Reclaiming Your Divinity" by Andy Dooley and it was awesome. His brother is Mike Dooley that writes the notes.
Anyway, it's late, so stay tuned and I'll write more soon. I'm always on a path of discovery, and I'm happy to share in my travels.

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