Sunday, April 17, 2011

Artfest and Journal 365

I got back from Artfest last week. Words cannot express what a wonderful time I had. I met up with four great ladies with whom I shared a rental car and we are now forever known as the Fabulous Five. I took classes with Mary Beth Shaw, L.K. Ludwig and Karen Michel. All of them were awesome. I am now saving my pennies (and nickels and dimes and quarters) to return next year for the fourth time!!

I also signed up to do Pam Carriker's online workshop entitled "Journal 365" and today I finished making the book that I will use to do the exercises. The workshop is meant to take you through a year of journaling. This will be a wonderful journey!!


  1. I missed Artfest this year but plan on returning next year. My DH and I hope to retire to Albuquerque when we get "old" (ha ha, we're already there). Just noticed you are there. Hope to meet you some day. xo

  2. I know you are not feeling well, and probably dont feel like blogging..... but feel better soon.... get back to art as soon as you can

  3. Which day were you in Mary Beth's class? I thought you looked familiar - we were in a class together because I took Mary Beth's class both days!