Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Artist's Way

Often I am the last one to discover cool new things, and this time isn't any different!! I was looking at Dayna Collins' website ( the other day. She is an artist I bought a postcard from at Artfest earlier this month....beautiful work....check her out.
She talked about "The Artist's Way" so I checked that out, too ( Julia Cameron has written books about "discovering and recovering your creative self". Well, I certainly have a need for that!! So I started doing the morning pages and now I get up every day 45 minutes early to write in my journal. I thought I would hate it, but I make myself a chai tea and pour my heart and brain into my pages and I am really loving it.
If I understand correctly (and tomorrow I am going to the bookstore to actually get the book), I am not supposed to spend time reading what I wrote and not necessarily share my thoughts. Part of exploring my creative self I can't let you peek into my journal. I can only make you curious by showing you the front of it!! Some day I might be famous and this photo could be in People magazine and if I showed you the pages, there would surely be some scandal about them. So you'll just have to guess (and continue your subscription to People.....just in case!!)

So I've been telling everyone about my great, new discovery, and it seems many, many people have already been using the techniques. That's ok........slow and steady wins the race, right??


  1. Annie, I'm so excited for you. Very cool that you began doing Morning Pages before you even started reading the book! I love hearing how you weren't sure you would enjoy doing the pages, but you've gotten into a groove with them. I also have a morning ritual: latte, reading some meditations, writint Morning Pages, and reading some of the other books by Julia Cameron. Just wait until you start incorporating Artist's Dates into your routine! But more about that in a personal e-mail.

  2. I've been meaning to read the artist's way for ages. I have it too. Maybe it's time I pull it out.