Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So where did my post go?

I just spent 15 minutes pouring out my thoughts to the world (or whoever it is that reads my ramblings here) and when I hit publish I got some weird message and everything was gone!! So what I was telling you was that while recovering from shoulder surgery, I have had quite a bit of down time and have spent many hours participating in some online courses.....Carla Sonheim's "The Art of Silliness", Mary Ann Moss' "Remains of the Day", Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen's "Complex Collage" and Traci Bautista's "Creative Doodles". All the classes have been wonderful, but have only served to aggravate my SAS (short attention span) and caused me to flit, flit, flit from one idea to another. I have managed to create a few pages in my art journal and take lots of notes so that when my shoulder is back to normal (will I never be able to pursue my dream of being a trapeze artist!!?? ha ha) I'll have TONS of ideas to follow through on. In the meantime, here are a couple that I'm not too embarassed to share!


  1. I have been playing with doodles too! Your journal pages are wonderful! I have been putting my first RoD journal together bit by bit it is a great class I am really enjoying it!

    Hope you your recovery is speedy.

  2. Isn't it aggravating when your post disappears like that? Sounds like recovery was a productive time for you!

  3. Hey, I'm in Complex Collage as well! Although I haven't had time to actually join the 'discussions' there.